The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 brings a lot of high-end features to the table, including Wireless PowerShare, an all-new S-pen with remote functions, and 5G compatibility. As you may expect, a protective case is a must for this featherweight phablet, which is why we figured out the best Galaxy Note 10 cases for preserving your phone’s functionality across all price ranges. Here are our picks.

The Otterbox Defender Series Case is one of the most popular case molds ever, and its military-grade drop protection and durable materials make one of the best Note 10 cases around.

It has a dual-layer design that blends a scratch-resistant PC shell with an interior TPU sleeve for ideal protection from everyday drops and scuffs. Its air-cushioned edges create a raised bezel that protects the phone’s 6.3-inch curved Infinity Display and its rear camera array as well. It comes with a belt holster that doubles as a media viewing kickstand.

This case works with Wireless PowerShare and should probably work with 5G in most situations too but it is still far from the smallest phone case around. It may add a little bulk to already massive Note 10 but it is worth it for the rugged protection.

The Fusion X from Ringke is a hybrid case mold that adds drop protection where your Note 10 needs it the most while adding minimal bulk everywhere else.

This case’s air-cushioned corners are what help it meet military-grade drop test standards, as the internal bumper frame between them disperses impact across the surface of the case. The case has a clear PC backplate to show off your Note 10’s stock color without leaving it vulnerable to scratches.

The case has a raised bezel to protect the front screen and rear camera. This bezel also has a ridged texture, improving your overall grip on the phone. On top of all this, the case also works with 5G service and Wireless PowerShare.

The VRS Design Damda Glide Note 10 Case has a lot going for it: great style, solid protection, and a credit card slot that can hold up to two cards. Between the two card slots and the growing adoption of the Samsung Pay service, this wallet case almost totally eliminates the need to carry around a bulky billfold.

The card slot adds minimal bulk to the form factor, as do the air-cushioned corners that help this case provide the most cushioning possible. It has responsive button covers and precise cutouts around its charge port and S-pen slot. It supports wireless charging but not PowerShare so be prepared to remove it whenever you want to use this feature.

Samsung’s official cases aren’t always the best value but there are treasures among them, including the Samsung Protective Note 10 Case. This case is a little on the ugly side (in this reviewer’s humble opinion) but it provides a lot of functionality thanks to its grippy edges and military-grade drop protection.

The case offers solid shock absorption on all sides and has raised bezels to protect your phone’s broadsides from getting cracked by a flat drop. It supports wireless charging but you will probably have to take it off to get PowerShare to work. This gripe aside, this is one of the best Note 10 cases available now.

The Spigen Tough Armor is one of the best Note 10 cases in its price range because of the sheer utility it provides for everyday use. Not only does it provide military-grade drop protection but it also has a built-in kickstand and an acoustic sound tunnel design that boosts the Note 10’s speakers.

The case adds a thin layer of impact foam to complement the normal recipe of hard PC and rubbery TPU that most case companies use. This further boosts the durability of this case and almost makes up for the small protective bezel on the top and bottom of the case. This case might not be perfect but it doesn’t get much better for the price.

The Olixar Leather Note 10 Wallet Case is a sleek and durable way to combine your wallet with this massive 6.3-inch phone to earn you back a little extra space in your pockets. This case holds four credit cards, some cash, and your Note 10.

Like most folio cases, the Olixar Leather Wallet Case is better suited for preventing scratches and scuffs rather than protecting from actual drops. Don’t get me wrong, this bulky case can absorb plenty of impact but if it comes open, your screen will be vulnerable. Thankfully the magnetic clasp is decently sturdy.

If you want to show off the naked beauty of your Note 10 without leaving it vulnerable to scratches and scuffs, then the Trianium Clarium case is an ideal protective option.

This clear case uses both TPU and PC material to provide a balance of protection and portability for users on the go. The case is lightweight yet durable and scratch-resistant on all sides. It provides some light impact resistance and some extra grip thanks to its textured edges. It isn’t quite as rugged as a full-on defender case but it makes for a nice compromise, especially if you don’t like the look of most phone cases.

Samsung’s LED View Cover Case for the Note 10 is a simple folio cover with one neat trick. It has a dot matrix-style LED display on its front cover that can automatically pass-through lock screen information like the time, date, and incoming notifications.

This case isn’t particularly rugged, as it is more intended to protect your phone’s 6.3-inch screen when you slide it in and out of your pocket. It offers minimal padding against impact damage. It does, however, have a single card slot to store an ID or emergency credit card.

The Ghostek Atomic Slim 3 is a no-nonsense protective case that provides the defender-style protection a clumsy phone user needs without sacrificing the style of your Note 10.

Its bumper frame offers dual-layer protection, combining a flexible TPU inner sleeve with an outer aluminum shell. The metal material gives the phone case a premium feel without adding much weight. It has a clear plastic PC backplate which both shows off the natural beauty of your phone and allows the use of the phone’s ultrasonic fingerprint unlock and Wireless PowerShare features.

With the only major downside of this case being the fact that clear plastic will naturally discolor over time, this is a great choice for those wanting serious protection for their Note 10.

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro might have the strangest name out of any phone case we reviewed, but it stands out even more so for its protective features than it does for the name thing.

This rugged hybrid case has both a built-in media kickstand and a built-in screen protector without taking up any more pocket real estate than a case without these features. The screen protector is reinforced by a raised bezel which also protects the rear tri-camera array.

The air-cushioned corners provide military-grade drop protection and the textured edges, which provide a nice grip on your phone at all times. The only downside is that this case doesn’t work well with Wireless PowerShare. It can, however, handle normal wireless charging easily.

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If its spartan design didn’t immediately give it away, the Zizo Bolt Case is a durable case that was made to withstand the brutal conditions of a job site. It is military-grade drop resistant and loaded with grippy textures to keep the phone in your hands at all times.

it does come with a belt-clip if you prefer to keep your phone at your side, but I prefer to opt out so that I can more easily access the built-in kickstand on the back. This case has a solid protective bezel and responsive button covers to make it an all-around improvement to your phone experience. This will become even more apparent the first time the Zizo Bolt eats a four-foot drop without taking a scratch.

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