Makers, developers or Raspberry Pi enthusiasts requiring a waterproof housing for their Raspberry Pi camera, may be interested in a new project published to the Thingiverse website for the MakerHawk Raspberry Pi 3 Camera IR Fisheye Wide-angle 175 Degree 5MP OV5647.

You will need access to a 3D printer to be able to complete the project but its maker explains more about the project and its construction.

“I designed this housing for: MakerHawk Raspberry Pi3 Camera IR Fisheye Wide-angle 175 Degree 5MP OV5647. I was printing it with PETG 100% infill, but PLA or ABS will be fine too. (PLA is not recommended for outdoor use). Gaskets I print with TPU 100% infill again. My printer is Ender 3 & layer height was 0.3mm. The reason why the camera lens is not covered with plexiglass is night vision. If I just cover the whole camera with plexiglass, IR lights will reflect and you will be not able to see almost anything. I used 4 M3x16mm stainless steel pan head screws. It’s not probably waterproof enough if you try to swim with it (didn’t try), but more than enough for rain. You can also use some silicone to seal cable. Acrylic sheet is thick 3mm.”

304 Steel Cable Tie

The Raspberry Pi camera is available to purchase from online retailers such as Amazon priced at $23 and features include a 5 Megapixels OV5647 Sensor,Support 1080P resolution; 2.0 Aperture (F),1.7 mm focal length. “The camera is equipped with photosensitive resistance,built in IR-CUT, which enables the camera to automatically detect and recognize light to automatically switch between the night-vision and day-time shooting mode.”

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